Established in 1953, in San José, Steinberg is an award-winning, international architectural practice and a recognized leader in the planning, programming, and design of educational, residential, hospitality, institutional and workplace spaces and facilities. Today, with a diverse staff of more than 150 talented professionals worldwide, they help clients translate their visions into beautiful, smart spaces and create an ambiance conducive for living, learning, working and playing.

Urban Mixed-Use
For more than three decades, Steinberg has created mixed-use residential spaces in cities around the world. They are widely recognized for their unique approach to urban architecture, blending residential, retail, and commercial together while skillfully integrating these new developments into the larger urban context. They understand Type 1 residential construction and know how to design to last. The firm brings to each project and client a comprehensive understanding of housing design and cost aspects to create successful mixed-use residential spaces.

Public-Private Partnerships
Increasingly, institutions are developing partnerships with third parties for their financing, delivery and management. Steinberg is experienced with designing  student and senior residential developments under public-private partnerships, while balancing institutional needs with developer requirements.